Designing Your Mobile App Correctly Is Important For Growth.

As discussed in an article from First Round:

Kamo Asatryan might extremely nicely be a single of the best kept secrets in the startup ecosystem. He’s 1 of a tiny handful of individuals who have observed hundreds of mobile apps, believed deeply and scientifically about their mechanics, and established what they could change to grow more rapidly.

To flip issues close to, Asatryan examined a radically diverse technique: Assuming that customers who set up the app already understood the need to offer their spot data. This permitted them to axe out the lengthy-winded welcome flow and make the permissions request the 2nd display. The text was altered to say that users needed to Allow Place Permissions (making it clear that it would be for their advantage), and they have been actually not in a position to move on from the display with no saying yes. This sounds risky, but following the shift, 95% of end users mentioned yes and went on to a considerably better merchandise experience.
When it comes to mobile apps, one person who knows a small truckload of information about this is Kamo Asatryan. Kamo has looked over these apps for their creators and offers tips and suggestions that can lead to huge growth for those apps.

Recently one of the projects Kamo and his team worked on changed an app that was asking for location data before the user left the permission screens and started to use the app. The team suggested another approach. They simply used the assumption that the apps user already understood that the app could access their location data and the team was able to cut out all of the long permission requests. This helped to shorted screens and move the user forward with the app. Mannequin Mall has more explanation about this.

A few simple tips that are very helpful for designing an app are as follows. First, do not bore your user by offering them an education in product knowledge. Give them the information they need but, do not over due it. Second, if you are going to tell the user something, do it in short facts on short screens. The third thing is to remember that users love tips and tool tips that go hand and hand with their app.