Entrepreneur Michael Capponi Has Revolutionized The Nightlife Scene Again

As a support to an articles on New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/style/a-night-out-with-one-of-miamis-night-life-boosters.html?_r=0

Capponi’s character was molded by the college of difficult knocks. His mothers and fathers moved to Miami from Belgium when he was little. His father was an endurance swimmer who twice broke the record for swimming the English Channel.

A BMX biker he competed frequently, won a state championship, and was featured in advertisements for Coca Cola and Twix. Miami Beach nightlife mogul Michael Capponi passed out before boat crash report says.

The evolution of nightlife continues in capable hands with entrepreneur Michael Capponi. The level of gravitas used to change the nightlife landscape comes from his transformational efforts in South Beach. Real estate development and philanthropy are other passions that he engages in. He is also known for connections with a list of global associates that are movers and shakers as well as celebrities. A partnership with software engineer pioneer Gideon Kimbrell has created the next innovation in nightlife.

His latest venture is in the technology space with an app called InList. The app is a concierge gatekeeper to clubs, restaurants, and events such as concerts around the world. Members pay no fee for the app that allows them to book reservations with a smartphone. Development continues to open more markets to key cities such as Las Vegas and London. Arguably, Mr. Capponiā€™s lifestyle is an exact model that caters to the users of this app.