Michael Capponi and Gideon Kimbrell Are The Dynamic Duo Of InList

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This challenging undertaking may sound wildly ambitious, not to say foolhardy. But for this 39-12 months-previous reformed heroin addict the humanitarian challenge is as well compelling to ignore.

I think we can revitalize this country fully and make it a location men and women want to check out, he says. It’s doable.


InList is an ingenious app that was developed for VIPs. It allows them to discretely attend night clubs, galas, and other prestigious events. Membership is free and required to be added. Examples of cities for the location driven app include Miami, London, New York, and more. The intuitive application delivers two to three daily choices matched by preferences. No money is exchanged, but handled directly by venues. For additional features and options, a platinum and diamond level exists.

The creative forces behind this innovative idea are two pioneering figures, Michael Capponi and Gideon Kimbrell. Each brings gravitas in their respective fields of entertainment and technology. Michael is known for the revitalization of South Beach nightlife, while Gideon has been a technology guru since the age of 15. Together they have created the next big thing for the entertainment industry. A future challenge for them is to scale it to include non-VIP membership and venues.